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Founded in 1998, Surya Naturkosmetik Berlin has - right from its start - used consequent, holistic natural cosmetics as made by Dr. Hauschka, Tautropfen, Weleda and Martina Gebhart.

In 2000, we introduced our own product line of consequent, natural cosmetics - without any chemical or synthetic additives. This includes the fact, that our creams do not contain any water, alcohol or glycerine. All used products are kept at their natural status, e.g. have not at all been chemically treated. Of course, all our products have not and will never be tested on animals. Our products are put into ecologically friendly packaging and all ingredients are fully declared.

Wellbeing and the interplay of body, soul and mind present the focus of our engaged work. Our offer shall encourage the contemplation about one’s self and the individual’s responsibility.

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